Sunrise Agri Farm is specializing with Greenhouse tunnels in South Africa and other parts of Africa. We specialize in vegetable tunnels sales. Greenhouse tunnels are becoming a more regular feature on the premises of specialized farms and domestic gardens and plots.

Tunnels Prices improve harvests for farmers and hobby gardeners who dream about fresh and healthy fruits, vegetables and herbs straight from their garden. Where does the growing popularity of garden greenhouse come from?

With the control of temperature and humidity you are able to grow crops all year long.
From fresh cut flowers to vegetables that do not traditional grow in your area.

Control of harvesting times, where open crops cant be harvest on a rainy day the same crops that is in a greenhouse can be harvest that can create higher prices at your local fresh produce market.

Control of pests.
Irrigation schedules can be better controlled.
Farming with crops out of season with higher product prices.

Greenhouse farming South Africa Growers Supply offers commercial greenhouses, cold frames, high tunnels, greenhouse supplies, commercial greenhouse kits, polycarbonate panels, greenhouse film, hydroponic systems, greenhouse heaters, greenhouse plastic, greenhouse fans, seed-starting supplies, hydroponics, greenhouse vents, greenhouse shelving, nursery carts and wagons, greenhouse lighting, raised bed kits, shade cloth, nursery and gardening supplies as well as other greenhouse accessories and more to help you manage your greenhouse, nursery business or home.

The main advantages of tunnels include the possibility to avail of multiple harvests from a given site during one growing season, which is impossible with traditional cultivation in open field. The rapid development of intensive crop production under cover is an opportunity for farmers to raise income and modernize the farm, while for hobbyists, it is an opportunity to develop their passion, improve their well-being and supply fresh and healthy food to their family.


 The Single Span Tunnel is ideal for emerging and commercial farmers. More units can easily be integrated as businesses grow.  Lengths can be changed but not widths. Standard and roll-up sides are available.



 The Multi Span Tunnel is a variation of the single span tunnel and can easily be customized.  

 Dual Bay – 20m x 30,4m (600m2)

Tri-Bay   – 30m x 39,4m (900m2)

Quad Bay – 40m x 30,4m (1200m2)

Five Bay   – 50m x 30,4m (1500m2)

We have supplied greenhouse structures all over South Africa, Zimbabwe and Lesotho. Transport can be arranged.We can handle big orders we work on a 10 day turnaround time.



Our Features- What we Offer



Our structures give you a growing height of 2.7m with a total height of 4.7m.
The structure can support crop support trellises


We don’t make use of B Grade steel we only use AA grade steel. Our suppliers can be contact.
Our design caters for high wind areas with our unique slanted leg design. Our structures can be insured at most of the agriculture insurance companies

Complete Solution

We can offer you from supplying a complete steel structure to a complete installation that includes installation of the steel structure installation of the plastic, installation of the irrigation pump station and the irrigation inside the greenhouse.

Turnkey solutions

Manufacturing of quality greenhouse steel structures from a standard 10×30 structure to 100×100 multi span. We can accommodate any size, work with the farmer on his requirements and come up with a site lay plan and greenhouse steel structure design that will work in your environment.


Sunrise Agri Farm makes use of 200 micron, UV resistant greenhouse plastic to cover our structures. Our plastic is imported from Israel and is of a high quality. You also have the option of adding 40% shade net (black or white) to protect against harsh weather, UV burns, birds and insects. This option can double the lifespan of your greenhouse and so is recommended.

We only use materials of very high quality and guarantee our products as well as our expertise. Hydroponic tunnels enable farmers to produce crops under controlled conditions. Regulating warming, cooling, irrigation and the application of plant nutrients by using the correct equipment, the farmer can maintain sustainable production throughout the year

We supply durable 200 micron plastic or shade netting to cover these tunnels in order to enable farmers to have healthier crops and plants. It is advisable to put netting on the plastic overlaps to enhance protection against lifting of plastic overlaps by wind

Vegetables are important for food security and poverty alleviation. Nevertheless, in South Africa food insecurity still exists. Greenhouses are already a very important way to produce vegetables in South Africa because of the production potential, the high quality of the produce and the efficient water usage.