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Sunrise Agri Farm is a leading designer and installer of greenhouse tunnels, greenhouse products and accessories. Although Sunrise Agri Farm is based in South Africa, many successful projects have been undertaken in many other parts of Africa. We are a trusted name for greenhouse tunnels sales in South Africa and other parts of Africa, coming to you with a wealth of experience. We are dedicated to bringing you, our customers, exceptional customer service and the best quality greenhouses, greenhouse accessories money can buy.
Greenhouse tunnels are becoming a more regular feature on the premises of specialized farms, domestic gardens and plots. Our quality tunnels improve harvests for farmers and hobby gardeners who dream about fresh and healthy fruits, vegetables and herbs straight from their garden.

Vegetables are important for food security and poverty alleviation. Nevertheless, in South Africa food insecurity still exists. Greenhouses are already a very important way to produce vegetables in South Africa because of the production potential, the high quality of the produce and the efficient water usage.


Our structures give you a growing height of 2.7m with a total height of 4.7m.
The structure can support crop support trellises



We don’t make use of B Grade steel we only use AA grade steel. Our suppliers can be contact.
Our design caters for high wind areas with our unique slanted leg design. Our structures can be insured at most of the agriculture insurance companies


Complete Solution

We can offer you from supplying a complete steel structure to a complete installation that includes installation of the steel structure installation of the plastic, installation of the irrigation pump station and the irrigation inside the greenhouse.


Turnkey solutions

Manufacturing of quality greenhouse steel structures from a standard 10×30 structure to 100×100 multi span. We can accommodate any size, work with the farmer on his requirements and come up with a site lay plan and greenhouse steel structure design that will work in your environment.

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