Greenhouse Farming In Botswana

Only about 0.7% of total land area is arable. Crop production is hampered by traditional farming methods, recurrent drought, erosion, and disease. Most of the land under cultivation is in the eastern region. The principal crops for domestic use are sorghum, corn, and millet.

Hobby Tunnels sizes:

3mx5m x2m

3mx6m  x2m

3mx12m x2m

5mx6m x2m

6mx9m x2

6mx12m x3m

We do according to your sizes also

Big Tunnels sizes:

10mx15m x4m

10mx20m x4m

10mx30m x4m

10mx40m x4m

All tunnels are single span and we can do yours sizes

Commercials Tunnels

20mx30m x4m

30mx30m x4m

30mx40m x4m

Half hectare tunnels

One hectare tunnels

 With all accessories


Lesotho’s primary crops are corn (maize), beans, wheat, sorghum, and peas. Droughts have had a devastating effect and destroyed many summer harvests and livestock. The mountainous terrain means that only 10% of the land can be cultivated. Despite this, Lesotho’s economy is largely dependent on agriculture.

Why choose tunnel farming

  • Extending growing season
  • Climate control
  • Saves water
  • Increased crop yields


Agriculture in Namibia contributes around 5% of the national Gross Domestic Product though 25% to 40% of Namibians depend on subsistence agriculture and herding. Primary products included livestock and meat products, crop farming and forestry. Only 2% of Namibia’s land receives sufficient rainfall to grow crops.

Sunrise Agri Farm design, manufacture and install new greenhouses, as well as offer greenhouse maintenance and repairs for used tunnels.


  • Single or multi span tunnel structures
  • High tunnels
  • Hobby greenhouses
  • Agricultural dome structures


  • Standard or roll up sides
  • Heating systems
  • Ventilation systems
  • Irrigation systems
  • Controllers
  • Other greenhouse supplies



We supply imported quality greenhouse plastic sheeting

Assists with:

  • Temperature control
  • Humidity control
  • Pest and disease control
  • Control of your harvesting and irrigation schedule
  • Protection from harsh weather


Why Tunnel Farming

Mozambique’s major agricultural products include cotton, cashew nuts, sugarcane, tea, cassava, corn, rice, tropical fruits, beef, and poultry. Agricultural exports include prawns, which are a type of shellfish similar to large shrimp, cashews, cotton, sugar, copra (a coconut product), citrus, coconuts, and timber But now we need to change to modern type of farming.

Greenhouse Tunnel Irrigation System

Drip irrigation is possibly one of the most efficient methods of irrigation for greenhouse tunnel farming.   In most cases it can reduce water usage by as much as 50% due to the water being applied directly to where it is needed.  Not only can you save water with this system, but you could also increase your yield as the water and nutrient concentration is improved.

The amount of water application and timer settings is vital to the success of a drip irrigation system and requires a certain level of management and maintenance.  You would have to continuously check that no blockages exist in the system.   Your pH (acid/alkaline) and EC (electrical conductivity) levels are essential for quality plant health and growth.  Therefore, it is only natural to assume that one of the best greenhouse equipment irrigation systems  to use would be the dripper method.

Turnkey Projects of Greenhouse Tunnel

  • Steel structure Mild steel or Galvinised steel
  • Covering with 200 micron plastic -Anti drip plastic
  • Two ventilation Flaps for the plants to have more air
  • Floor plastic to avoid grass and less cultivation
  • Growing bags depend on which size -meaning you not growing your ground
  • Sawdust to help growing crops
  • Seedling for all types of vegetables
  • Trellising hooks twine and hooks to support the plants like cucumber
  • Complete Drip irrigation system with pumpstation and mixing tanks


Greenhouse Tunnels Eswatini

Whatever your crop and climate requirements, we will create an undercover growing structure to meet your needs.

Designed to the highest local and international standards, our extensive range of structures is always evolving. Our team of engineers and agronomists are here to provide you with the most advanced undercover growing solutions available today.

Sunrise Agri Farm offers a wide range of greenhouse structures, suitable for a diverse range of climate conditions. All our structures are custom-designed and developed to suit specific requirements.


  • We have delivery and installation in Swaziland
  • We have Diy kits that you can buy and do your installation
  • We have training how to use Greenhouse
  • We help with Business plan for Tunnel farming


The Zambian agriculture sector comprises crops, livestock and fisheries. The country’s staple crop and most cultivated is corn (maize). Other major crops include: cotton, soybeans, tobacco, groundnuts, paprika, sorghum, wheat, rice, sunflower seeds, coffee, as well as sugar, fruits, other vegetables and flowers.


  • Complete irrigation systems
  • Heating and cooling systems


Greenhouses play an integral role in vegetable farming in South Africa, they help:

  • Extend your growing season
  • Increase your yield
  • Enhance the quality of crops
  • Farm out of season produce that can be sold at a premium
  • Minimise water usage and save


  • Fully installed tunnels
  • Easy to install (DIY option)
  • Low maintenance
  • Farm all types of crops
  • Great service + competitive rates
  • 2 years guarantee on structure


Agriculture plays a crucial role in the lives of Zimbabweans in rural and urban areas. Most of the people in rural areas survive on agriculture and they need support for them to get good yields

Agriculture in Zimbabwe is overseen by the  Ministry of Agriculture accounts for 18% of Zimbabwe’s GDP as of 2015.

Agriculture enabled people to produce surplus food. There are different crops that farmers grow and some of these include, tomatoes.spinach.cucumber.Greenpepper and butternut

Nothing beats greenhouse tunnelsGreenhouse tunnels provide an energy-free solution to heating the water in an aquaculture system. No other method is as energy-efficient. The design of these tunnels varies widely, however, and not all structures are suitable for aquaculture systems

Standard size for a Start 

  • 10m  x  30m x4.5m for 900 plants
  • 11 x 10 x1.9m high arches,
  • 22 x 3 meter legs that will inter fit in the arches.
  • 50 x 3 meter connection braces.
  • One door size 2.5 x 2.5m
  • Two flaps same size as the arches.
  • 4 x 3.4 cross brace at 4 corners
  • 4 x 3.2 supports between arch 1 and arch 2
  • 2x 3.4 supports between arch 1 and arch 2
  • All steel will be 42×1.6mm mild steel that will be painted
  • Legs are slanted material is 48x2mm 

Mini Tunnels

Our Mini Tunnels are covered using 40% shade-net. They are open in front and covered on the sides and back. These offer great protection from the suns UV rays yet they are still well ventilated

The Deluxe-Mini Tunnel, similar in design to the normal Mini Tunnel, is also covered with 40% shade-net. The tunnel is completely covered with a door in front for easy access.  It too comes in standard sizes, but can be customized according to your needs. 

Standard Sizes:

(3m x 6m) – (5m x 9m) – (6m x 12m)

Multi-Span Greenhouse Tunnels

Emerging Farmers’ multi-span tunnel is a variation of the single-span tunnel and can easily be customized. 

Tunnel Sizes: 

Dual-Bay:  20m x 30,4m (600m2) 
Tri-Bay:  30m x 39,4m (900m2) 
Quad-Bay:  40m x 30,4m (1200m2) 
Five-Bay:  50m x 30,4m (1500m2)

South Africa

Sunrise Agri Farm is leading supplier of Greenhouse Tunnels in South Africa

Your greenhouse garden can be constructed cheaply or expensively, it can be made of 40% shadenetting or 200 micron plastic, it can look like an adorable glass cottage or simply serve a practical purpose.

Ultimately, the decision to get a greenhouse will be based on whether you believe the effect of having a greenhouse will be one that will enhance your life or detract from it. If you would like more information about greenhouse designs