Greenhouse tunnels Limpopo

In this paragraph we are going to talk on greenhouse installation and repair. Firstly when we design greenhouse structures, our first priority at Tunnel Farming is to ensure the quality of the plant environment.

Secondly creating an environment that fosters the growth of plants & protects them from the elements should be the primary function of any greenhouse, after all.

However our team of dedicated greenhouse professionals will help you choose the best structure to fit your needs.

Most importantly at Greenhouse Polokwane  we understand that each customer and situation is unique, and we will be there every step of the way to ensure you maximize the value for your crops

In conclusion, please note that preparation for all the types of and sizes start the same but start to differ when it comes to quantity and sizes of equipment need and also the plastic /net used to cover the structure

greenhouse installation and repair
greenhouse installation and repair

Hobby Tunnels

0# Greenhouse installation and repair. Firstly greenhouses are often affected by the unpredictability of Mother Nature. Whether your greenhouse was damaged by hail, high winds, or any other unforeseen event. Sunrise timely response and mobilization will be a desirable relief.

Moreover we provide not only permanent greenhouse repairs, but temporary solutions to keep your greenhouse running in the interim.

In conclusion, the greenhouse restoration and repair projects we undertake vary widely depending on the overall condition of the greenhouse structure and our customers’ requirements.

Whether you are a keen grower or a weekend gardener, Tunnels for sale can restore or repair your greenhouse to suit you and your garden.

greenhouse installation and repair

Hydroponic Tunnels

In this paragraph, greenhouse installation and repair is our main focus. Firstly our company is well equiped to design, supply, installation and repair. Secondly we provide our services all over the Southern Africa, giving you unmacthed quality services. 

However, the client is responsible for the T’s & C’s. Most importantly we understand that each customer and situation is unique. Thirdly and the most importanly, Sunrise Agri Farm offers onsite training to new comes. However, the training will consist of theoretical and practical training during stages of the growing periods