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Sunrise Agri Farm makes use of 200 micron, UV resistant greenhouse plastic to cover our structures. Our plastic is imported from Israel and is of a high quality. You also have the option of adding 40% shade net (black or white) to protect against harsh weather, UV burns, birds and insects. This option can double the lifespan of your greenhouse and so is recommended.

We only use materials of very high quality and guarantee our products as well as our expertise. Hydroponic tunnels enable farmers to produce crops under controlled conditions. Regulating warming, cooling, irrigation and the application of plant nutrients by using the correct equipment, the farmer can maintain sustainable production throughout the year.

We supply durable 200 micron plastic or shade netting to cover these tunnels in order to enable farmers to have healthier crops and plants. It is advisable to put netting on the plastic overlaps to enhance protection against lifting of plastic overlaps by wind.

Sunrise Agri Farm is specializing on delivery and installation of the 200 micron plastic both commercial and residential places.The company is growing big every day through good references from our client We have 180-200 micron in white and yellow colour

BENEFITS of 200 micron plastic

          • UV Stabilised for resistance to solar ageing.
          • Excellent visible light transmission.
          • Excellent mechanical properties for harsh weather conditions.
          • Additives can ensure good light transfusion, reducing shadows.
          • Light Diffusion
          • Evadek can ensure all year round controlled environment growth and reduction.

Material can be manufactured to customer requirements in lengths or widths and in thickness from 150 – 250 micron on a made to order basis dependent on volumes. Package of UV stabilizers manufactured to special formulations of LDPE/EVA and incorporating various additives to satisfy customer requirements and weather conditions

3-layer long-life, IR, anti-dripping, diffused film. The IR effect prevents heat from escaping to the atmosphere during nights, thus offering protection from frost and ensuring earlier harvest and higher yield. The anti-dripping (*) effect prevents the formation of droplets on the film, thus improving light transmission and reducing the incidence of certain diseases. Light transmission and/or diffusion level can be adjusted according to the requirements of each area or crop.

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