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Good ongoing maintenance and repair of glasshouses is crucial to not only keeping your investment in excellent condition but is again crucial to protect the performance and efficiency of the contents of your greenhouse. Using a greenhouse isn’t just about growing delicious tomatoes – you need to know how to keep it in tip top condition to get the best out of your plants. Like any building, a greenhouse needs maintaining. But while many of us are busy nurturing the plants, it is easy to forget that the greenhouse itself also needs looking after.

Greenhouses are often affected by the unpredictability of mother nature. Whether your greenhouse was damaged by hail, high winds, a tornado, snow storm, or any other unforeseen event, Sunrise timely response and mobilization will be a desirable relief. We provide not only permanent greenhouse repairs, but temporary solutions to keep your greenhouse running in the interim.

The greenhouse restoration and repair projects we undertake vary widely depending on the overall condition of the greenhouse structure and our customers’ requirements. Whether you are a keen grower or a weekend gardener, Sunrise can restore or repair your greenhouse to suit you and your garden.

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