Irrigation Systems


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Drip Irrigation 

      • Drip irrigation is the ideal choice for plants susceptible to foliar diseases, including tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, and eggplants. Without overhead watering, which can spread disease, your plants will be healthier than ever! Drip irrigation is also an excellent solution for crops grown under plastic mulch (watermelon, squash, pumpkins, strawberries, etc.) as other irrigation methods may not effectively reach the roots of the plants.

Overhead Irrigation

  • When water supplies are adequate, irrigation can increase crop yield dramatically. Different irrigation systems are suited to different soils, climates, crops and resources. Our overhead irrigation allows for easier cultivation, can be used to cool temperatures in summer, doesn’t have to be moved each time you plant a new crop, and can provide more even watering to thick plantings of small leafy greens and certain root crops.

    Sprayer / Sprinkler Irrigation

    • Sprinkler Irrigation is a method of applying irrigation water which is similar to rainfall. Water is distributed through a system of pipes usually by pumping. It is then sprayed into the air and irrigated entire soil surface through spray heads so that it breaks up into small water drops which fall to the ground. Sprinklers are the most important part of an irrigation system, so it pays to go for quality equipment. It is a unique irrigation system.

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