Greenhouse For Sale [10m x 30m]

Standard size for a Start 

  • 10m x 30m x 3.5m for 900 plants
  • Galvanised Steel Structure
  • Two ventlation Flaps per tunnel
  • 200 Micron plastic covering
  • One single swing door per tunnel
  • 20% shadenetting on overlaps
  • Digging of the trench
  • site must be clean on completion

R70 000 – Price includes installation 

  • an extra fee will be charged for delivery 
  • Delivery will be made 3 days after purchase
Greenhouse For Sale [8m x 30m]

Terms & Conditions

  1.  The Client shall pay to the Contractor 70% of the total price stated on the quotation and 30% on handover after satisfactory assessment by the client .
  2. This quotation is valid for 30 (thirty) days only
  3. Client is responsible for electricity and water supply towards the tunnel for drilling necessities
  4. Client must Alert installation team about any underground pipes or cables
  5. Sunrise AgriFarm will not be liable for security after delivery has taken place at site
  6. Any change in scope of work by Buyer will be charge to the Buyer in addition to this quotation
  7. Sunrise AgriFarm can not be held responsible for any damage caused by hail, wind, rain, fire
  8. Purchaser responsible for cleaning and levelling of soil
  9. Client is responsible for buying the concrete and the cement
  10. One year guarantee on workmanship

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