Sunrise Standard Tunnel

Length can be changed but not the width.
Made from highest quality steel pipes and plastic.
This is the standard tunnel for all areas, but in the hotter areas additional cooling methods may be needed. The tunnel has a ventilation flap on both ends.

Sunrise Roll-up Tunnel

Length can be changed but not the width.
This tunnel offers the option of more ventilation with ventilation flaps and roll-up sides of 1x30m on each side, making it more versatile in hotter conditions with 360 ventilation.

Sunrise Multispan Tunnels

Multispan tunnels are multiple structures joined together. They share one structure on the inside and are not separated by plastic between tunnels. The benefits of this is that one heating system can be used for multiple tunnels.

Sunrise Hobby Tunnels

(6m x 12m)
This tunnel is more the hobbyist or small scale farmer. It can be either be built as standard or with roll-up slides. It is easily transported on a trailer and installation is also DIY.

Sunrise Net Houses

Net houses and framed structures made of steel pipe angle iron or wood with polyethylene UV treated net covering. They provide partially controlled environments by reducing light intensity and protects plants from sun damage.

Standard sizes of the Greenhouses

3m x 6m
5m x 6m
5m x 9m
6m x 9m
6m x 12m
10m x 15m
10m x 30m
20m x 30m Multispan
30m x 30m Multispan