Sunrise Agri Farm offers a full range of irrigation supplies for farming, agriculture and micro irrigation systems to greenhouse, landscaping and golf course irrigation supplies. We offer an extensive range of irrigation supplies and automatic watering systems to customers throughout the South Africa and Southern Africa. We will provide you the most cost effective and efficient system to suit your plants and your budget.

We can provide everything you need to create a complete irrigation system or to extend your existing irrigation system. We design, supply, install and support Irrigation systems for large scale commercial systems and small garden irrigation sprinkler projects. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff can provide information, advice and solutions for all your irrigation requirements. We install fully automatic or manual irrigation systems. We link them to boreholes, well-points, holding tanks and water pumps.

Sunrise Agri Farm will always tailor a watering system to suit you and your plants. No matter the size, we can supply and install an irrigation system that meets your specific requirements. We offer a diverse selection of solutions. Our highly experienced team of water irrigation specialists are skilled in all aspects of water irrigation for both commercial and residential projects. We pride ourselves on our efficiency and ability to provide an excellent service through all phases of a project including Planning, Design, Installation and ongoing services such as Servicing, Maintenance and Repairs.

There are two different types of irrigation usually considered in a tunnel

Dripper line

Feeds the plants from dripper lines lying on the ground next to the plants. Positive effects of the dripper lines is your water management and wastage is held to the minimum. Negative effect is that the line needs to be removed during the off season soil preparation, usually requires additional labor.

Overhead sprayers

This method entails sprinklers being hung above your crop and irrigate the plants using a sprinkler system. This is normally used for low growing crops like lettuce and spinach. Positive effects of this method is that the system is installed once and does not need to be removed at all during soil preparation. The negative effects is the fact that you do not use all of your water for the tunnel to the max, as there will be over spray in areas the plant roots can’t reach. The overhead sprinkler system also doesn’t work effectively on produce that has a wine and needs creep to the top of the tunnel to produce tomatoes as an example.